With the average household debt in the UK currently standing at just under £8,000 and rising to a whopping £55,000 if you factor in home loan* debt, the number of people worried by their financial situation is growing and is now the number one stress factor. There have never been so many reasons for debt than there is today – almost everyone has a financial debt of some kind. Yet debt remains one of the last British taboos. Many people still view debt as something which should be swept under the carpet and they continue to struggle on alone, increasing their stress levels as their debt problems spiral out of control.

Debt comes calling when you have more outgoings than income. This can occur for many reasons including unforeseen expenses like major work on the car, vet bills or similar. While it is a natural reaction to go through the household budget cutting out what you deem to be unnecessary expenses, this can send you from the frying pan to the fire as you are now viewing your finances in a panicky, emotional state of mind.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Stop, take a step back, breathe, and remember no matter how bad you think your current situation is there are practiced professional debt experts out there who can help. Look for the UK’s accredited and approved list of debt management companies, who exist to help people just like you. Within the company you will also find debt consolidation experts and IVA advisors so that whatever route you take out of the debt maze, there is a professional to guide you along the way.

All sorts of people get into debt but the trick is getting out in the most sensible and cost effective way possible. Under the wing of a good debt advisor you will be in the best position to get from the red to the black again.

Your debt advisor has the power to negotiate manageable repayments with all of your creditors on your behalf so you need not worry about creditors hounding you for payment. All your debt issues will be dealt with by your professional debt representative, and all you need to do is make the agreed repayment amount on time. Call in the help of the professionals and you can move towards becoming debt free.