Student loans are something that can definitely spark a debate, with good reason. A lot of people find that they have been trying to do the right thing, only to find that the market has definitely moved away from them. Due to the global recession, many companies are starting to really rethink the way they handle business as a whole. Personnel is the biggest expense in a company, at least one of the top expenses. Hiring people is expensive, so if businesses can find a way to replace those costs, they certainly will.

So, where does that really leave you? Isn’t it better to start thinking about what you might have facing you? Unfortunately, a lot of people have already done the college thing, only to find that they have a lot of student loans. Does that change the equation any?

There’s a reason why we’re asking these questions. You see, many people have felt that college was one of the biggest ways to improve one’s life. No longer would you have to try to fight hard to get the things that you really want — you would have a good job like you were practically promised all this time.

Except the promise didn’t always work out this way. Many college graduates are finding that the college degree they worked so hard to get really isn’t worth as much. It’s starting to look more and more like college might not be the golden investment that you were told it was. Does that mean that college loans are now considered bad debt?

It’s not really that cut and dried to say that college loans are going to be bad debt. What students are going to have to do now is really look at their true career prospects. This means having an idea of what their industry is really like. The call for strong networking is going to get even stronger as jobs struggle to be replaced from the recession. The jobs that are remaining are generally going to go to the people that have made it obvious that they have the talent to provide value to a company.

You might be thinking about going into consulting work or another form of self employment. You could definitely do that as well. What you’re honestly going to have to ask yourself is if you can handle the ups and downs that come from being self employed. If you can’t do that, then you’re really just going to need to make sure that you get something stable first. Having very little experience means that you really do need an organization to take a chance on you. They have to really feel that you’re going to be the best person to actually do the job, and that’s what is really going to count.

So now is definitely the time to feel that you have things taken care of in a certain fashion. If that means that you go through college, then that’s what you need to do. However, if you have doubts about taking on all of that student loan debt, don’t let anyone just brush away your fears. Considering that just getting a degree might not be enough anymore, you have a lot of cause to be concerned.

That said, you still shouldn’t give up hope. There are people that are finding work in the recession — they just have to use their contacts a bit more than you might expect at first. That’s why we really can’t give you a definite answer when it comes to whether or not student loans are considered good debt or bad debt. Like many things in life, this is honestly an experience that will be positive or negative depending on what you actually put into it! Hang in there, and good luck!